Where is the Haymarket Police Station?  Located at 15000 Washington Street (VA Rt 55), Suite 110, next to Town Hall.

How do I call for the Police?  For an emergency, always dial 9-1-1.  For non-emergencies needing a Police response, call 703-792-6500.  Both of these numbers are routed to the Prince William County Communications Center.  This ensures seamless response with Haymarket Police, Prince William County Police, and Fire/Rescue services.

Can I contact a Haymarket officer directly?  Yes.  Feel free to come by the station or call us at 703-753-2700.  

Are Haymarket officers always on duty?  Yes, Haymarket Police Officers are on duty 24/7.

Why do we have State, County, and Town Police?  They should be viewed as complimentary of one another.  The Town officers are able to be more responsive to needs unique to Haymarket, such as knowing the community, town ordinance enforcement, providing quicker response, and time to spend on true community policing. The County obviously offers more extensive resources for significant incidents and investigations.  The State Police, who do hold concurrent statewide jurisdiction, generally only patrol the Interstate Highway System in the Northern Virginia Division.

These specific services are available within the Town.  You will need to contact the Haymarket PD directly, as these services are not provided through Prince William County PD as a general rule.  

Extra police patrols during vacations.  They will be as time permits, of course.
To have an officer speak to a community group, at children's events, etc.
Assistance with keys locked inside a vehicle.

If I have received a traffic summons, where do I pay or contest it?  All criminal and traffic offenses are processed through the Prince William County Judicial System.  The summons will list the specific court (General District, Juvenile/Domestic Relations, etc.).  The Courthouse is located in Manassas at 9311 Lee Avenue.  Parking tickets can be paid at the Town Hall, or contested at the Police Station.