Tax Information & Deadlines

Adopted Tax Rates for Fiscal Year 2017-18

Real Estate Taxes are due December 5 annually.
A 5% late fee is added for any payments sent after this date, with a further 0.66% interest added each month, beginning January 1st.

If you escrow your tax payments with your mortgage company, please check with them to make sure your Town of Haymarket taxes have been remitted.  Ultimately, the timely payment is the responsibility of the taxpayer.  

Real Estate Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

If you have any questions on your Real Estate Tax, please contact our office at 703-753-2600. 

The 2017 Real Estate Tax Rate is .146/$100 of assessed value.


As a seller: be advised that the Town of Haymarket does not prorate taxes.  If you have sold your home during the year, taxes should be prorated to the purchaser, and the purchaser will be responsible for the entire year.

 As a Purchaser:

Code of Virginia Section 58.1-3340: Lien on real estate for taxes and levies assessed thereon; responsibility of purchaser at sale; lien on rents: 

“There shall be a lien on real estate for the payment of taxes and levies assessed thereon prior to any other lien or encumbrance. The lien shall continue to be such prior lien until actual payment shall have been made to the proper officer of the taxing authority. The purchaser at a sale shall cause the proceeds to be applied to the payment of all taxes and levies assessed on real estate, the provisions of § 55-59.4 notwithstanding…….”


This means any purchaser at the sale of property, has the duty to ensure that the proceeds from the sale satisfy the taxes assessed against the property, and can be held personally liable for the amounts not remitted.



 Business License

Gross Receipts Declaration for Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) for Tax Year 2016 were due by April 30, 2017.  A 10% late penalty and 10% interest (per annum) is added for any payments after April 30th.

Failure to declare the BPOL by the due date, will result in your Business License being revoked. You will not be issued a current Business License until all taxes have been declared.




Personal Property Tax

The Town does not currently have Personal Property Tax on vehicles. You do still have to pay to Prince William County.




Real Estate Taxes: December 5 (annually)

Business Gross Receipts (BPOL): April 30 (annually)

Town Decals: within 30 days of moving into Town