Police Department - Public Safety Announcement

Safety Message Spring 2015

Haymarket wants to be pedestrian and bicycle friendly.  To be so, it must be pedestrian safe.  Please do your part.

As a vehicle driver:
·         Watch out for pedestrians and bicyclists
·         Share the road with bicyclists
·         Never assume they see you
·         Never assume you can predict their next move

As a pedestrian:
·         Cross at intersections or crosswalks
·         Never assume a driver sees you
·         Wear bright or reflective clothing at nighttime
·         Do not wear earphones, or at least keep them to a volume that enables you to hear traffic

As a bicyclist:
·         Wear a helmet
·         Never assume a vehicle driver sees you or can anticipate your next move
·         Do not wear earphones
·         Stay to the right edge of the roadway and always ride with traffic
·         You must obey the traffic laws