Police Department - Public Safety Announcement

Safety Message

The Haymarket Police Department Reminds Residents to Lock Their Vehicles

The Haymarket Police Department wants to remind residents to lock their parked vehicles and either remove valuables or keep them out of sight. 

The most common theft from a vehicle involves a suspect gaining entry through an unlocked door and quickly removing items including currency, electronics and other valuables.  Locking doors and hiding or removing valuables is the single most effective way to deter theft.

Most thefts from vehicles occur during the overnight hours and if you should see anything suspicious, do not hesitate to call for an officer by dialing the Communications Center at (703) 792-6500.  As always in a true emergency, dial 9-1-1. 

Should you discover a theft from your vehicle:

·         Touch as little as possible

·         Call for an officer to respond

·         Try to develop a list of what may have been taken